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Good Morning and welcome to our website. We have recently opened a new office in Neath and begun offering weekly free surgeries in a number of our offices. To find out more and keep up to date with our firm by joining our newsletter, following us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn and reading our blogs. 

If you have an enquiry our team will treat your case with care and attention; giving practical advice at every stage. Your costs are always in the forefront of our mind and we do our best to ensure you are happy with the results we achieve for you. 

With offices in Barry, Blackwood, Cwmbran and Neath we are able to provide our exceptional service to clients across South Wales. Our firm is ever expanding so become part of our successful journey by choosing us to represent you.

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  • wheres my deposit

    When you give your landlord your deposit for the property you rent from them, they must put it in a deposit protection scheme or risk tenants claiming thousands of pounds from them. When the Housing Act 2004 came into force, it placed a strict duty on all Landlords to register a deposit in an approved scheme and there is a time scale for doing this; along with registering the deposit the landlord must serve prescribed information on the tenant. Some landlords have not registered the deposits within the time scale and they have now been advised that they cannot obtain possession of their properties and they have had to pay their tenant the equivalent of up to 3 month's rent as compensation.   When fixed term tenancy agreements expire the landlord has to serve further prescribed information on their tenants. If this is not served the tenants do not have to vacate.   If you are a tenant who has paid a deposit you should ask your Landlord for a copy of the bond registration certificate, if you are a landlord who has not registered a bond, then you need assistance as soon as possible. Newbolds always believe that there are solutions to problems and despite the complexity of housing law we usually find a way around every problem. If you’d like more come to our weekly free legal surgery in our Barry office at 106 Broad Street, where we can advise you of your rights.  

Making your property profitable

Housing law is extremely complex as it is continually changing. As one of the most experienced housing law firms in the UK, Newbold will help you manage a range of issues including: rent arrears, eviction notices, trespassers, leases, wrongful eviction, subletting, environmental health, damp, deposits and harassment claims.



Catherine Watkins has been nominated for the prestigious award of ‘best woman in law’ 2013.
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cbforum-logoCatherine Watkins was shortlisted as a finalist in the Caerphilly Business Awards 2011

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